Trading Rules

Our game account trading website attaches great importance to the rights and security of users. In order to ensure the trading experience of each user, we have formulated the following trading rules:

Email verification: In order to ensure the security and reliability of transactions, we require all users to complete email verification and provide contact information before the transaction.

Account review: We strictly review all game accounts sold to ensure their security and legality, and avoid risks such as game account lockdowns.

Transaction process: During the transaction process, we provide a professional transaction platform and customer service team to ensure the safety and smooth progress of the transaction. After the transaction is completed, we will promptly transfer the funds to the seller.

Return and Exchange Policy: We provide an unconditional refund service. If there are any issues with the account purchased by the buyer, they can apply for a refund within the specified time. We will fully assist the buyer in resolving the issue.

Transaction fees: We promise not to charge any additional fees.

Transaction dispute resolution: If a dispute arises during the transaction process, we will handle it in accordance with the transaction rules and relevant laws and regulations to protect the rights and interests of users.

Handling of Violations: We prohibit any violations of laws and regulations or the rights and interests of others. If any violations are discovered, we will immediately take measures, including but not limited to suspending accounts, freezing funds, and reporting to the police.